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A Blended Family Tells Their Story
Jeff and Anne were facing a challenge that effects so many people: how do you navigate sending a child to college after a divorce? Are there strategies to ensure mom and dad (and step-mom and step-dad) won't be paying more than necessary? Yes there are! Divorce actually can bring about some of the best opportunities to drastically reduce the cost of college.
A Father Of Triplets!
Ever since the ultra-sound, Randall has been freaking out about the expense of college for his triplets. Fortunately for Randall, he discovered College Money Academy. His story and results are amazing...negotiating saved him $30,000 PER YEAR! That's $120,000 that gets to stay in his pockets! You too can learn how to do this.
How I Got An 86% Discount
Kelly O’Connor founded College Money Academy three years ago after being a highly sought after speaker in the charter school system in the state of Colorado. He's worked with school district presidents, consulted with the League of Charter Schools in Colorado, he's been a repeat presenter at over two dozen schools, worked directly with the head of enrollment at a large, private, Division One university and has consulted with administrators from some of the state's best private high schools. 

College Money Academy is the only online, video-based program that teaches parents how the leverage their kid and negotiate with any university in order to reduce the price for college. Following his program when it was time for his first-born child to go to school, Kelly negotiated a price of $3,800 per year for a $27,000 university...that's an 86% discount!

His strategies have been used by thousands of parents across the country and he's dedicated to teaching you exactly how to do it for yourself. But first, you must understand that all colleges and universities are businesses that try to attract customers (enrolled students) to their product (an education). Most parents mistakenly don’t think of it this way. Are you ever blown away and amazed that the car dealer tries to negotiate and haggle a price? What about at a garage sale? Are you surprised when the owner tries to negotiate? Of course not, because you expect it. 

Colleges are no different…consider these Three Secrets (don't forget to download our free eBook!):

—►Secret #1: The Cost of Attendance is NOT What It Will It Cost You.
—►Secret #2: Schools Virtually Always Give You A "Lowball" Financial Aid Offer First.
—►Secret #3: You Can APPEAL The Financial Aid Offer.

What he will show you is exactly how to navigate through these three truths when it comes time for you. The result? A significant reduction in the cost of college for you and your family. 
What Is College Money Academy
I believe the cost of college is very expensive and the cost often exceeds what a family is reasonably able to pay. I also believe this has put parents of high school aged children in a really tough spot because they truly want what's best for their child but don't know how to make it happen. Because of this, I believe families deserve the opportunity to learn how to reduce the cost of college and make college affordable.
The Business of Higher Ed
College is a business. Plain and simple. A university attempts to acquire customers, students. They charge these customers a price, Tuition and Fees, and sell a product, an education. And just like every other business, there's room to negotiate on the cost. We teach how to do this for your kid's college of choice and we can save you thousands and thousands of dollars per year.
Reducing The Cost of College
It can be frightening for parents to have to figure out how to send their child to college without depleting assets, redirecting cash-flow to pay the college bill or restructuring their budget to now handle the new debt incurred by the family. Typically, the family will then choose a lesser school purely because they have learned to focus on the "sticker price". This just isn't necessary!
How To Appeal An Aid Offer
Like any good business, school's are very thoughtful about how they use their money. What College Money Academy teaches you is how to tap into that money in order to make college affordable
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